About Dr. C

I take your skin serously

I have a special interest in treating patients with skin of color and hair loss.

As native of Jamaica, I have seen how skin of color is susceptible to blemishes, discoloration, and early hair loss and mostly goes untreated and it should have to be that way.

With my formal education and extensive training affecting the skin, hair, and nails combined with my deep desire to make you feel confident in your own skin is the reason I created 360 Dermatology the only direct-pay dermatology practice in Nashville, TN.

I am here to help you; we will with this out together.

my passion to you...

provide you with good ethical care without the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and billing headaches, so you can win.

I want my patients to feel empowered in making their healthcare choices. I provide a comprehensive range of services for patients with skin and hair disorders. My patients benefit from excellent, affordable, fairly-priced care in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

What Sets Us Apart...

No paperwork. No invoices. No surprises!

Personalized treatment — tailored just for you 

You are seen by a doctor every visit.

Fair transparent prices — no surprise bills.

Longer appointments, if desired

Your clear flawless skin, and full head of hair, should not be defined by your past or limited by your beliefs.

When you’re ready to treat your condition, be confident in your own skin, and let your natural beauty shine through  I will be there for you every step of the way 😀