I take your skin seriously.

I am committed to diagnosing and treating a wide variety of conditions that affect children and adults. I offer comprehensive dermatological care, from skin cancer screening to acne to rashes to chronic, complex conditions. 

For Adults & Pediatrics



Alopecia (Hair Loss)

I understand that having a healthy, full head of hair is very important for overall well-being. Hair loss can negatively impact your self-image, confidence and social interactions.

I want to help you if you are experiencing hair changes and loss. I committed to helping you find the best options to improve this area of your life.


Our surgical treatments range from removal of benign lesions like cysts, skin tags, and unwanted moles to removal of precancerous growths and skin cancers. We pride ourselves in having a gentle touch that yields outstanding surgical results.



Our cosmetic treatments are designed to enhance and not alter a patient’s features, resulting in more natural results. We provide a full spectrum of physician-performed services including Botox, fillers, chemical peels, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments.

Direct Care

We offer a unique, easy access to affordable services for individuals with high deductible insurance policies and those who have no insurance coverage.

The direct care model is simply providing medical care when you need it, without hindrance from outside parties. There are no hidden fees, no surprise bills, no co-pays or insurance middlemen. It is NOT a concierge model. There is NO membership fee.


Simple. Fair. Transparent.


Single lesion evaluation, acne follow up or cyst injection, wart treatment, eczema follow up, pediatric visit 

*Includes 1 shave or punch biopsy or liquid nitrogen to 5 lesions (if needed)

**Includes 1 shave or punch biopsy AND up to 5 skin tag or DPN removals OR liquid nitrogen destruction to 5 lesions (if needed) 


Hair/scalp evaluation, acne, multiple warts, skin cancer screening/full body skin exam, rash affecting 1 body area 

*Includes 1 shave or punch biopsy or liquid nitrogen to 5 lesions (if needed)

**Includes 1 shave or punch biopsy AND up to 5 skin tag or DPN removals OR liquid nitrogen destruction to 5 lesions (if needed) 

Skin biopsy | liquid nitrogen $75

Excisional biopsy $100

Cosmetic Removal $150

Comedone/milia extraction, skin tag/DPN removal $10

Liquid nitrogen destruction $50

Intralesional or intramuscular medication $35

*Procedures do not include any fees incurred by pathology processing.

**Please note that prices are subject to change at any time without notice.*

Starting at $65

Pathology fee per specimen (self-pay). Certain special tests or stains may incur additional fees. Specimen may be submitted under your insurance, if you’re desired. 

**Please note that prices are subject to change at any time without notice.**


Typical conditions covered: Acne | Discoloration | Eczema | Rash | Rosacea | Skincare Routine

*Payment is due at time of scheduling. You must be physically located in the following states at the time of your visit: Florida, Virginia, or Tennessee.

**Please note that prices are subject to change at any time without notice.**

Level 1 (20 mins)

Biopsy (up to 3)*, cryosurgery/milia/skin tag or DPN removal (up to 15 lesions)*, ED&C $225

Level 2 (40 mins)

Excision of benign lesion or skin cancer (1-2cm) $400

Level 3 (60 mins)

Excision of benign lesion or skin cancer (2-3cm), some split ear repairs $650

While we do not offer Mohs surgery at 360 Dermatology, we will promptly refer you to local practices that do, if it is determined that Mohs surgery is the appropriate treatment for your skin cancer. Mohs surgery is generally prescribed if your skin cancer is large; affects your scalp, face, ears, nipples, hands, genitalia, ankle, feet and nails; rare or if you have certain other factors that increase your risk for disease spread or complications.

NOTE: Every biopsied or excised lesion will be submitted for pathological analysis. This may be billed under your insurance, if desired. If you’re uninsured or paying out-of-pocket, we have contracted with a local pathology lab to offer discounted fees. Pathology fees start at $65 per specimen, and this is not included in the visit or procedure fee. Certain special testing or stains may incur additional fees.

**Please note that prices are subject to change at any time without notice.**

Consultation** $150

Neurotoxin (Botox, Xeomin) $450+

Injectables $650+

Chemical peel $350+

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) $650

Microneedling + PRP $750

**Consultation fee is applied to any same-day purchases, procedures, or services scheduled within 1 month of consultation. At your consultation, we discuss pricing information for each component of the treatment plan developed specifically for you. A non-refundable 20% deposit is required at time of procedure scheduling.

**Please note that prices are subject to change at any time without notice.**

Itemized receipt FREE

Coded receipt $10

FMLA or CMS 1500 paperwork $30

Select prior authorization (including biologics)
We will provide you with a prescription to take to your pharmacy. If you’re insured and your insurance requires a prior authorization (PA), we will offer a suitable alternative. In the event that this is not desired or available, there will be an additional fee to submit a PA on your behalf.

**Please note that prices are subject to change at any time without notice.**

Your Visit

I welcome new and returning patients.

Please call our office or click on the link below to schedule an appointment. If you are a new patient, please complete your forms online BEFORE your visit, to ensure that we run on time.

If you have seen a dermatologist or other skin care provider in the past, particularly if you have a history of skin cancer, we request that you have your records sent to our office or bring them to your first visit.

We know skin can be unpredictable, which is why we offer same-day and next-day appointments when urgent issues arise. If you cannot find a suitable appointment time online, please call our office directly during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4PM).

What people say?

Great Service, Listens, and Excellent Provider!! I'm so grateful for Dr. Clemetson's expertise, professionalism, and compassion that she shows when caring for her patient's. She not only treated me for my acne, but also treated me for alopecia areata with (kenalog injections) which made my hair grow tremendously. I love the fact that Dr. C is open, genuine, and truly cares.
My visit to Dr Clemetson was a very pleasant experience She made me feel comfortable and at relaxed from the start as I was nervous I was so much at ease that I was quite surprised when the procedure was over. Thank you Dr Clemetson for taking good care of me. My back looks great! - Jen Dr. Nashay Clemetson is a beautiful soul and I count my blessings she is one of my current Doctors. Thank you for being so wonderful and empowering
Dr Clemetson is truly an asset to her profession, she is knowledgeable, kind, patient and caring. I am very grateful for the excellent care she provided for my daughter. Dr Clemetson quickly found a treatment plan for my daughters skin which helped her gained her confidence back. Thank you doc 😊

Scheduling, Payments, Cancellation & Insurance Reimbursement Policies

Simple - Fair - Transparent


For those who wish to schedule by phone, the staff is available to assist you with your scheduling needs. If you do not see an appointment time that you need, please call us so that we may find an appointment that works best for you.


We do NOT accept insurance. In order to schedule an appointment, a valid debit or credit card is required. 


Credit cards remain on file. If you no-show, reschedule or cancel your appointment in less than 24 hours

Insurance Reimbursements

360 Dermatology does not accept insurance and is considered an out-of-network with all insurance plans.